Green, Sky Blue and Crystalline

by Tim Carr

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Her eyes on the 4th of July
Were bright from the sunshine
Green, sky blue and crystalline

On Main Street in front of the Victorian
She stood there waiting for me
It was near the end of morning
I finished performing

We went, after the parade
And the vodka lemonade
To a spot past Washington
We let each other in then

In the eye of the hurricane
I'd like to be there again
When the mind stopped hurrying
Together we came

When we were at our best
We weren’t thinking of the past
Or worrying will it last

Letting time evaporate there
In the warm summer air
With traces of the ocean, lime and sun-tanned lotion

By the pink sky we stayed in at her place
Up the spiral stair case
The sun shined its last rays
Blood rushed to her face

In the eye of the hurricane
Heard the cry before the bursting
Saw the sky from the fireworks flame
Together we came

In the eye of the hurricane
You wanna freeze it when you feel certain
But it’s unrealistic, it’s what I’m learning, ‘cause things keep
Moving along
Things keep moving along
Things keep moving along


released July 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Microcultures France

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