Western Medicine Blues

by Soltero

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Streaming : lnk.to/WesternMedicineBlues

De Soltero, nous n’avons jamais perdu la trace.

Etroitement liées au parcours de Microcultures, la vie et l’oeuvre de Tim Howard, aka Soltero, ont jalonné, en quatre albums fondateurs, l’existence, et même la pré-existence de notre label. A chaque étape de notre itinéraire, les chansons de Tim étaient dans les parages ; elles nous accompagnaient de leur présence réconfortante, de leur évidence chaleureuse, qui nous donnaient l’élan et l’envie. Souvent pour faire des choses inconsidérées d’ailleurs : sortir un disque sans structure ou organiser des tournées kamikazes. Mais l’évidence de ces chansons était toujours là. Et nous nous y rendions toujours, en dépit de tout bon sens.

Ce Western Medicine Blues est aujourd’hui le cinquième chapitre de cette relation. Les chansons du troubadour lo-fi ont traversé les villes (Poughkeepsie, Boston, Philadelphie, New York et aujourd’hui Berlin où habite Tim Howard), ont entraîné avec elles toutes les vies croisées au gré de celle de son auteur. Et elles nous arrivent comme elles l’ont toujours fait. Avec toute l’évidence de leurs mélodies, de leurs paroles intimes et simples, de leurs arrangements fidèles à l’idée de construire des merveilles avec des bouts de ficelles. Et une nouvelle fois, cette évidence nous emporte. Et nous emportera toujours.

De Soltero, nous ne perdrons jamais la trace.

Suivre Soltero :
Facebook - www.facebook.com/soltero/


released August 24, 2018


all rights reserved



Microcultures France

Microcultures Records is an indie French label (Phantom Buffalo, Soltero, Nesles, Jim Yamouridis, John Cunningham, Nicolas Paugam, Bertrand Betsch, Manolo Redondo...).

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Track Name: Western Medicine Blues
Woke up feeling strange
Doctor peering in my mouth
Go to make an egg
Chiropractor in the kitchen
I’m moving through a fever
Nurse is tapping on me knee
Finish up my coffee
Surgeon holds my foot up to the light:

“I can fix you for good 
If you’re sure that you want to be well.
I’m aware of a world down in there
A world you don’t know
Where the sun is a blue cataract 
And it’s rolling right over the sea
To the door of the house
Where I’m holding the key.”

Everything I’ve ever done 
Is out of fear of medicine
I close my eyes and the light goes on 
I go to touch a dog and then the feeling’s gone
Is it useful information
This electrical sensation?
Could it be some kind of symptom
That I can see tall ships on the horizon?

I can fix you for good 
If you’re sure that you want to be well
I’m aware of a world down in there
A world you don’t know
Where the sun is a blue cataract 
And the wind is a whip on the sea
To the door of the house 
Where I’m holding the key

They will search your head for clues
But there ain’t no cure for the 
western medicine blues
Track Name: I Want to Have a Baby
I want to have a baby
She can sleep upstairs
She’ll call me when she needs me
I’ll be right downstairs
I’ve waited such a long time
Now I finally know
I want to have a baby
Head to toe

You’re running out of time!
You haven’t got the nerve!
Oh how will you afford
This life you don’t deserve?
You’ll never fall in love!
You’ll never find a girl!

Well I don’t need the bad news
Because it isn’t true!

I’m gonna have a baby
My beautiful boo
I’ll teach her to be happy
Take her up to the zoo
Because there’s nothing in the whole world
Like having someone to love
I’m gonna have a baby
And the stars above

You’re running out of time!
You haven’t got a chance!
You haven’t got a dime
So keep it in your pants!
You’re talking like a fool
You’ve gotta face the facts
You’re dumber than a mule
So why don’t you relax!
Track Name: True Indication
Once in a while I get a true indication
Bullet of light 
Shot through the night
Down on me

Hand in the air 
Feeling my new elevation
A little clarity came for me
And I am free

In the heat of the night
In the dead of the summer
We were playing don’t touch the ground

Who would ever believe 
I would become such a bummer
When all the real life shit goes down
And I’m really not ready

Following you into the moonlit trail
Looking for you up on the midnight hill
Following you down to the forest floor
Following the air
Down to the sealine shore

Once in a while I get a bump on the head
Open my eyes
Take in the evening air

Following you into the night
Because I know that I’m ready
In the blink of an eye 
At the edge of the trees
It’s you and Ivory Joe
Playing piano like I couldn’t believe!

Into the night where I follow you
Cover my tracks if I wanted to 
But I don’t know
But I don’t know
Track Name: Natural Condition
I was born unemployed
Gone fishing
But then I lost my way
How did I stray
From my natural condition?

Everyone’s building a future 
Climbing over each other
There’s never the time to say
I’m sorry about that foot in your face

Oh lucky cloud in the sky
You just go whistling by
Never have to worry yourself
Or wake up at night 
Going why oh why??

I could be drifting down the bayou
Happy to give you a lift
You know I never could deny you
I need you ‘cause you always get the drift

Train to work is a zombie apocalypse
Million dead souls dreaming of pink slips
My boss he wants to put my head through the wall
I hurry home and I feel nothing at all

But I’m always wondering is this how it has to be
Work and work 
it’s a national catastrophe
Why do I break myself just fighting the current
Flowing through a beautiful day?

(And if you don’t row the boat…it’s still gonna float)

I could be drifting down the bayou
Happy to bring you along
You know I never could deny you
Think it over
Life would be a song
Track Name: New Revelations
Crash across the western sky
I hear my neighbor Tommy cry
“Cover your eyes it’s the Four Horsement of Doom!”

A knock, I let them in of course
Each rider looking down from his horse
And the radio plays “Georgia On My Mind”

They’d never heard of Ray Charles
They’d never heard a piano

And the first rider asked me,
“What else don’t I know?”

It was then and there that our lesson began
That’s the day we became a singing band
Me on tambourine
We were the New Revelations

“Are You Willing And Able To Return My Love?”
Was our first hit single
In Texas and Arizona
“Are You Willing And Able To Return My Love?”
Playing all up and down
The whole panhandle

We sang our songs in southern towns
Lit lanterns when the lights went down
And everyone came alive in the summer

I was lost and alone
It was written in stone
Living in the words of confusion and fear
Til the horseman sang so clear

“Are you willing and able to return my love,
‘Cause I’ve come so far for you.
Are you willing and able to return my love?
Yeah! Yeah!”

They gathered round the microphone
Each rider looking right at home
And everyone came for miles to hear the New Revelations

No sadness, no sorry, no misery
Just a perfect four-part harmony
Can make you forget that this is a mean old world
Track Name: The Mango Song
When you get lost
And the night is falling
And you call your ma
But she isn’t there

How do I bring you to this place
Of quiet here with me
How do I find the words to say
That you will always be
My one true love

When I don’t know 
Why I feel so wrong
Oh oh oh oh
It is the Mango Song!
Pulling me out of pain and sadness
I’m feeling like a rocket on fire
You’re my only light in the darkest night
And I’m following a true desire
It’s a moment in the future

You raise your arms
When the song is over
You didn’t know
That it isn’t yet

I felt the heat of an approaching friend
“You gotta rest your feet
With a drink again.”
Calling my sisters, and my brother 
My honey and my mother-in-law
Could be a billion years
Before we find each other
Would I give it all back?
Track Name: I Didn't Stop Loving You
I didn’t stop loving you
Just turned it off for a minute
I kept you here in my heart
But my heart wasn’t in it

You were down at the grocery store
No way that you’d ever know
When I opened the kitchen door
And let the feeling go

Wind lifted off of the ground
The kitchen started to shake
Under the chattering teacups
I never felt so awake
Photo of you in my arms
Fell right out of the frame
Rooster off in the distance
Started crying your name

The kitchen ceiling was cracking
My amarylis attacking
I said a prayer to the floor
There ain’t no god anymore

Well nobody needs a sticky shoe
That’s gonna break their stride
But me, I wanted to find you
So I stepped outside

The sunny side of the street
Was going right up in flames
A wave of crippling heat
Came bearing down like a train
My neighbor crying for help
But I just started to run
As a storm of cicadas
Rose up to swallow the sun

Why on earth does everything
Always spin out of control?
You go to stretch your legs
You sacrifice your soul!
Track Name: Island to Island
I want to go swimming
Island to island
I want to hit the water
With my hand
I want to go swimming
To a new horizon
Leaving my worries
Back on land

I never knew
I never knew
My place in this world

I want to go swimming
Right out of this song
All those bellyaching Tuesdays
I won’t keep track

I want to go swimming
Wherever I belong
Where the endless sky
Has got my back

You can be right
But your world is wrong
Until you go swimming

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